Construction; we develop and manufacture all our products in Norheimsund, Hardanger, Norway




After the initial phases of conception,  the engineer can sit down at the drafting table and let his creativity take-over!  The construction department is equipped with modern 3D modeling tools that allow great flexibility in the design of our products.  The moving parts to featured in the production machines can be simulated, giving the engineers a better indication of the end functionality and relaibility of the components.  This enables new potential problems to be elmininated, making a good design even better!  In addition to drawing, the production designers are also reponsible for preparing the manuals, starting production, and fabrication of the production jigs.



When the design is finished the engineering process, one or more prototypes are produced for thorough testing.  Any requested changes can be made, and the designs are transferred digitally, directly to the production department.  They can also be retrived by the machining department, cutting department, and the welding robots.




  • prototype288x165 Prototyping: The engineer is heavily involved in the constuction and assembly of prototypes.
  • brukarmanual288x165 Documentation: The designer is also responsible for developing the product manual and as well as keeping it current.
  • konstruktorto288x165 3D design: Designers use 3D modeling in the design and development of new and existing products.
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