Preparation and Painting:  We develop and manufacture all our equipment in Norheimsund, Hardanger, Norway.





The painting hall is the last stop at Dalen before assembly and distribution. To ensure the paint remains eye-pleasing for a long time, resists skuffs and punches, all equipment is prepared before painting. The shot-blasting proceedure involves the steel being blasted with thousands of small steel balls. These balls remove any dirt and excess flux from the welding process, making the surface clean and securing the adhesion of the paint.

  • sandblast288x165Shot-blasting: Small steel balls are shot against the components in a special closed chamber, so the surface is prepared for painting. This process ensures very good adhesion of the paint, as well preventing cracking and corrosion.
  • lakk288x165Painting: The paint department is where our characteristic Dalen-color is applied. Our paint process uses no solvents, and what is waste can be safely disposed of as waste.
  • utavlakk288x165After Painting: When the product has completed the paint process, it is left to dry before the assembly workers retrive it to assembly line.
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