product development; we develop and manufacture all our products in Norheimsund, Hardanger.





The current product range, and our expertise surrounding it, is the result of a diverse history. Where market proximity and close contact with clients has been the basis of further development. Lid Jarnindustri is a marketing company where user tasks are put into focus, and their feedback is crucial for better product development, with greater functionality and ease of use. Exhibition are critical for key contact with clients, and a central venue to gather their opinions and suggestions.


Over the years the company has been innovative, by introducing many "first" to the Norwegian market. Which, were eventually copied by our competitors! There are many examples of our innovative spririt, and you can read about some of them below.


  • motostandard288x165

    1950: During the 1950s Samon Lid received the agency for Moto Standard. This was the result of a long-term develompent period for two-wheeled tractors. 

  • vedkloyver1252_288x165

    1979 Dalen was the first to introduce a two-speed log-splitter. The rapid traverse led to more efficient production of firewood, and is currently standard on all such equipment.

  • vedmaskin1254_288x165

    1984: Did you know Lid Jarindustri of Norheimsund introduced the first firewood processor for series production?? The mother of all our current firewood processors was called the 1254 and series production started in 1984!

  • 1984vedmaskinproto_medsag

    ...and was built on a tip from Vålberg, a previous dealer in EIK Maskin group.  Vålberg had fitted a hinged cutting device on one of our splitters.  They invited us by for a look!

  • kjellkonkurranse288x165

    1989:  In the late 1980s we launched our first venture into aysmetrics with the 0978.  With this venture, we announced a contest and invited our customers to guess who would copy us first!


  • 1988hengsledeskovler288x165

    Today this is the most copied V-shaped snowblower design. It also featured a cutter with hinged auger blades. Neither the V-shape design or the hinged auger had been featured before.

  • storvalse288x165

    1997:  In the late 90s we launched the first large tractor-mounted snowblower with an open auger.  Several manufacturers have tried to emulate our sucess with this principle, so far with no luck!

  • slepegirkasse288x165

    This snowblower also featured a centrally mounted transmission, which directly powers the auger and the fan.  Neither feature had been featured previously on a tractor mounted snowblower.  Another Dalen first!

  • kastevinge288x165

    2008:  Late in the first decade of the new millenium, we launched the first flared integral wing on rear tractor-mounted blade.  This flared wing made it possible to throw snow farther at higher speed.  This feature is now being imitated by our competitors!

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