Service:  You never know what wil happen during the course of a working day, but sooner or later you'll need help.

Our focus has always been on finding good solutions!

A large number of customers use our equipment in the industry, and all of them will tell you about the importance of their equipment working as it should.  From processing firewood for the cold winter months, to moving snow under very difficult conditions.  The last thing the operator wants to do is stop, or leave the heat of the tractor cabin.  With waiting customers, he simply has no time to loose.  Concious customers with a hired workforce, can also speak of the importance of good customer support.  Or the farmer who is in middle of spring work...there are endless examples of this importance!
The picture above is taken from an advertisement for Dalen horse carts from the 1950s, and shows that our focus has always been on reliability and customer support, since the beginning.  Whatever the operation, both farmers and contractors know that the equipment gets well used and sooner or later parts will fall victim to natural wear and tear.  The operator will experience downtime, and in such situations, our goal is that the customer will receive:


Fast and Compotent Service

We are a manufacturer that has built a very good relationship with our dealers/importers.  This ensures fast and compotent service.


Quick and Precise Parts Supply:

When service is needed, the staff at Dalen shall ensure that parts are shipped rapidly from our warehouse.

Long-Term Comittment to Service

Dalen products have a good reputation on the Norwegian market for several reasons. One of which is reliability, and another is an exceptionally long lifespan. Quite often parts are needed for machines that are over 10 years old, beyond the period required as a manufacturer.  Availability varies from product to product, but it is normal that the factory in Norheimsund receives requests, on a weekly basis, for products that are 20-30 years old!
Good luck, and thank you for choosing Dalen!

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