History; Samson and his partner met unexpected problems when they started what today is Lid Jarnindustri




Lid Jarnindustri was established in 1948 by Samson Lid and Leiv Skutlaberg under the name SG Lid & Skutlaberg Metal Iindustry. Their intention was to produce furniture locks and fittings for an industry which was in a desperate need of spare parts. The production of furniture spare parts was never started. Instead the first product to come was bicyle tire chains - and there were several startup problemes. Lid Jarnindustri, which has become an industrial adventure could have derailed even before it begun. The startup in 1948 would prove to be anything but simple.


Optimism after World War II

Samson Lid saw the end of the war as an opportunity to create his own business. He had great enthusiasm and optimism, even though what was left of production equipment and materials, were rationed, and companys who had been operative during the war were prioritized.

When he was offered to buy 2 tons of rusted wire, everything was ready for the company's first product: SAFE Bicycle Tire Chain, a perfect product for icy Norwegian winter roads.

Startup Problems
The only problem was that the wire had to be rust treated before the production could begin. After a quick study a simple recipe was made: First a nitric acid treatment, followed by a neutralizing calcium bath; simple, but maybe to simple. The first production had to be withdrawn when the dealers discovered that the chain fell apart when unpacked. The neutralization of nitric acid was not good enough. .

What was left of the rusted wire was sold to a local smelter for U.S. $35, and the shipping cost was $30; not much profit for a lot of hard work.

More trouble in store

A new bike tire chain-production was manufactured and packed in the original boxes. The future looked bright until one of the dealers made Samson aware of that the brand SAFE was a registered trademark by a bicycle manufacturer in Lillehammer.
As the units had to be withdrawn from the market once more, there was no more left of the startup capital. And the bank would not give new loans.

However several local farmers had faith in Samson, and wanted to be guarantors. It didn't take long before new bicycle tire chains were sent to the dealers, and within the next couple of hectic months the sales revenue was U.S. $ 7,500. The rest is history ...

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