overall economy; Doing the math on your investment - what does the product cost over its's lifespan?


Higher cost? A story on total economy - based on reality!

Awhile back one of our dealers called us. He had just sold a Dalen 2054 firewood processor, and had some questions regarding the delivery. He had already noticed that the customer had produced a lot of firewood with his Dalen 1554 firewood processor. This machine was taken in exchange, and placed for sale online. It was not long before the phone was ringing, not once, but many times! After a short time the machine was sold. The customer was a lucky man from western Norway, and he was not even offering the highest price! And the price? Over 15.000 NOK more than the original client had paid, when he purchased it new! Seven years ago!

The story is not unique! Less down time and higher build quality, translates into a higher resale value. The initial price investment is well defended!


High trade-in value
As the story describes, you generally will have a good trade-in price for Dalen equipment, should you decide to replace. Our systematic efforts to build the Dalen brand, will ensure that this trend is her to stay.


Quick Re-Sale

The quality of products not only maintain good value, they are also in high demand as trade-ins or for sale online. They sell very quickly! A quick search of the web, reveals that there is very little used Dalen equipment for sale. When first posted, it disappears not long after! In addition, you will find that agricultural dealers seldom refuse a Dalen product on trade, as they know that re-sells rapidly.


Good functionality and reduced downtime
Our equipment has good functionality and has less downtime during ownership. In practice, we also supply spare parts for much longer than the 10 years required.


Thank you for purchasing Dalen! Good-luck with your choice of new tractor-mounted equipment!





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