vision; a company's future dream, a light in the darkness and a guideline for appropriate actions, small and large. The vision expresses the company's ambition.





Enthusiasm in every detail!
Since 2009, our business has worked under the vision "Enthusiasm in every detail". We are very proud of our vision, and has received positive feedback from those we have presented it. But perhaps most importantly - it has become an everyday tool and a topic of conversation internally at the house. Most of it is exhilarating or non-exhilarating with us at the moment, ranging from lunch until the concrete actions and the results we achieve.
The vision has a clear customer focus. Enthusiasm is an entirely positive word. We define enthusiasm as what the customers feel when they get more than expected, when dealing with us or using our products. The vision is positive, joyful, warm and energetic feelings we want to characterize both our and our customers' lives.
But the vision also has an internal focus and is used to excite between departments. Our dear people King Olav V once said: "Amazing things can happen if enthusiasm is used as the driving force." Here we say that enthusiasm rubs! We are role models for each other and good actions generate more good deeds. Proper focus and attitude are essential.
The challenge is to translate our vision into excitement, or great customer experiences. Part of what we do is very visible, other measures are more difficult to notice. Change work is nevertheless a test of patience, it often takes time before the changes appear.
The company has a strong ownership of the vision and uses it therefore in Nynorsk, which is our language.
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